Sports Complex and Playground Groundbreaking

North Star Charter School

Groundbreaking of Sports Complex and Playground Campaign

Phase I


Press Release, for immediate release, 12:15 p.m. October 11, 2017

On Wednesday, October 11, 2017, North Star Charter School (NSCS) of Eagle, Idaho broke ground on Phase I of a $2.5 million Sports Complex and Playground Campaign.   This new Sports Complex and Playground will transform roughly 6 acres of NSCS property into a 5 lane all-weather track, multi-use sports field, a sport court, 6 circuit fitness area, outdoor classroom, extended playground, student drop off/pick up lane, and an additional parking lot.

Phase 1 of the project includes the new playground, sport court and 6 circuit fitness area.  These additions will provide NSCS‘s roughly 1000 students with a wider variety of physical fitness and play activities.  Research has shown that fitness, athletics and play have significant impact in both the academic and social development of students, thus increasing NSCS’s tradition of achieving high academic interests.


As a public charter school, NSCS receives public funding but about 22% less than the district schools. Funding for Phase 1 of this project largely came from NSCS Board, parents, staff, and friends.


North Star Charter School is a K-12 public charter school located in Eagle, Idaho.   Founded in 2003, NSCS provides students a world-class education characterized by a safe, supportive and structured learning climate that encourages high academic achievement, intellectual confidence, leadership and virtuous citizenship.  The school’s charter articulates the vision of its founders to think critically and to become virtuous citizen leaders in our local and world community.  NSCS curriculum offers an emphasis on business and economics across grades K-12 and the opportunity to participate in the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) program in grades 11-12.


For more information on North Star and the Sports Complex and Playground Campaign, please visit our website at


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Contest Raffle

Dear Amazing North Star Parents,

As part of our fundraising efforts for our Sports Complex, we will be doing FUN raffles throughout the school year to help accomplish our goals. Please keep an eye out for the order forms that will be coming home the week after Fall Break.

We are so fortunate to have two raffle items for our first month of October.

The first item is for a $100 gift card to Amazon!

The second item is a beautiful mosaic creation by our own Mr. Whitt! This piece is a colorful floral design with green muffle background set in an antique window frame, which is absolutely luminous in the sunlight.

Raffle Ticket Prices: $1 a ticket or $5 for 7 tickets. You can fill out the order form and return it to your child’s teacher, and/or we will be selling tickets on Fridays, October 13th and 20th, during student lunches.

Two winners will be drawn on October 30th and notified through their email addresses as to their items won. So, please be sure to fill out your email addresses on the order forms and/or individual raffle tickets.

Learn more about TAX BENEFITS for gifts to NS


Take advantage of the Idaho Education Tax Credit!

Idaho has a unique tax credit opportunity specifically for contributions to schools.  Gifts to North Star Charter may qualify for a 50% tax credit (a reduction in the actual tax you owe).  If you itemize your taxes, a donation to North Star allows income tax deductions on your state and federal returns, plus a 50% Idaho income tax credit.

  • Idaho individuals may take up to 50% of a gift of $1,000 (a tax credit of $500)
  • Idaho married couples may take up to 50% of a gift of $2,000 (a tax credit of $1,000)
  • Idaho corporations may take up to 50% of a gift of $10,000 (a tax credit of $5,000)


Donation to North Star Federal Deduction State Deduction Idaho
Net Tax Benefit Net Cost of Donation
$2,000 $300 $148 $1,000 $1,448 $552
$1,000 $150 $74 $500 $724 $276
$500 $75 $37 $250 $362 $138
$350 $52 $25 $175 $252 $98
$250 $38 $19 $125 $182 $68
$125 $19 $9 $63 $90 $35

These amounts reflect approximate rates for a joint return of $40,000 taxable income and are based on the taxpayer who itemizes personal deductions.  North Star Charter School, its Board and Administration do not provide any tax advice.  As such, any potential donor should consult with their tax advisor for details and applicability of the Idaho Education Tax Credit.

Additional Resources:  Idaho Statute Title 63 Revenue and Taxation Chapter 30 Income Tax


Corporate Matching Opportunities


Increase the impact of your gift.

Many employers offer matching gift programs as an incentive to encourage charitable contributions from their employees. Your gift could be doubled or perhaps even tripled if you are affiliated with a company that has a matching gift program!

Check with your Human Resources department to find out if your company has a matching gift program.

The paperwork is easy and we can assist you in this process. Please contact our Director of Development,
Joanna O’Donnell if you have any questions.

Cheer Meeting

Is your child interested in cheerleading as a sport? Come find out more detailed information from Coach Loos on what the season holds for you! We will discuss cost, practice times, game times, means for communication, uniforms & fundraiser options.
Wednesday, September 20th from 5:15-5:55. (5:55 so you can attend the Booster Meeting with Ms. Francis)
Hope to see you there!! Cheers!