Pi Day – Math Fundraiser for Secondary

  • Pi Day is coming up on Wednesday, March 14 (3.14), and we are having our annual fundraiser for the Math Department.
  • If you would like to see Mr. Hock, Ms. Everts, Mrs. Dillon, Ms. Francis, Mrs. Ellis, or Mr. Brown get “pi”ed in the face, bring in some money and put it in their jar.  The teacher with the most money in their jar will get a pie in their face.
  • If we collect more than $314.15 all together, all six teachers will get pied!
  • The jars are in Mrs. Ellis’s room and will be in the lunch room each day during 7th/8th lunch.


  • Money will be collected until the end of the day Tuesday, March 13. The festivities will take place outside during 7th & 8th Advisory on Pi Day.