North Star has a staff of dedicated paraprofessionals helping each student achieve their full potential. Many have 2-year degrees and most have extensive training in the Education field.  To contact any of our paraprofessionals, please email the teacher they support.

Amy Adams           Jensa Anderson      Elysianna Ashcraft      Jeff Bailey               Che Berg

Heidi Bookholdt    Jessica Call               Sheri Craig                  Chloe Finnigan       Lynda Gorton           

Chelse Grogan      Vanessa Gross          Nina Hansen               Kory Hawk              Del Main          

Charlene Murphy   Alice Naman          Monica Nilsson              Holli Puckett          Jen Ralphs              

Joy Raymond          Rachel Rosier        Megan Shirley              Brandi Smith          Priyanka Sodhi        

Lara Youngman



Linda West


Special Education

Cathy Keesee           Amy Kirk                 Lori Saxton              Amber Searles