North Star Charter School is proud to offer dual credit opportunities. Below is a list of courses students can sign up to take for both high school credit and college credit. It is important to note that not all colleges will accept the dual credit offerings, it is up to the student to research which colleges will accept these credits.

Dual Credit Options at North Star Charter School

9th Grade:CWI EquivalentCredits
Spanish 1

10th Grade

Spanish 101(4)
Spanish 2Spanish 102(4)
EconomicsEcon 201(3)
11 th Grade:Personal Finance/Fina 102(3)
1B Spanish 3Spanish 201(4)
1B English 11English 101(3)
1B Biology 11Biology 1 11(L)(4)
1B Chemistry

12th Grade:

Chem 111 (L)(4)
1B Math SLMa 160 Brief Calc.(4)
1B Spanish 4Spanish 202(4)
1B English 12English 175(3)
1B BiologyAnat 100 Lecture/lab(4)
Business 1BUSA-IOI(3)