“I would like to leverage student learning by using platforms to showcase and track student achievement. There are so many ways to do this through technology if we only had the resources.” Katie Nielsen, Kindergarten

“We do not currently have enough computation devices to support the level of research required of our students. Not only would this new technology provide our students with adequate access to research, but would also provide our computer classes with exposure to robotics and the advancing field of Computer Science.” Melissa Andersen, Secondary Administrator

A recent email from our Elementary Science teacher, Patrice Rex that went out to staff
“Do any of you happen to have an iPad, tablet, etc. that you are not currently using and that I could borrow for my 5th grade classes next week? We are working really hard on our experiments for the International Space Station but are being limited by the lack of technology in my room right now. Students just need to be able to access the internet for research during their science class time. If I had just one device per group, it would make a BIG difference.”

“Analyzing and manipulating data is an important component of our IB Math curriculum. This new technology would provide us with the tools we need to learn these important, real world math skills.” Megan Beglinger, Secondary IB Math

“Currently our Kindergarten and 1st grade classes do not have a computer class due to limited devices and instructors. This would allow us to get technology into the hands of even our youngest students.” Shay Davis, Elementary Administrator