2019-2020 Annual Fund

Total Goal: $55,513

Teacher’s Choice:  Based on our Teacher’s feedback, we have identified the following areas of need that our current budget does not cover.  Please help us fulfill these goals to provide enhanced and rich learning experiences for our students.

K-12 Student Experiences

($15,000 = $15 per student)

This was our top request from teachers! Our community is rich with a variety of resources to help enhance learning and provide real-world experiences for our students. We want to break down the walls of the classroom by either sending students out or bringing partners into NS. This could be in the form of field trips, special speakers and/or assemblies to augment the learning in the classroom.
Examples of how the money would be spent:
• Bus transportation for field trips
• Location fees
• Speaker fees

Designate to: K-5, 6-8, 9-12

K-5 Library Books

($4,750 = 19 classrooms @$250 each)


This is a popular category for our elementary teachers.  Books of all genres and interests are needed to appeal to all our students.  Our current library space is shared with our computer lab and is limited on physical space.  Teachers have requested classroom sets of library books that would be kept in the classroom and are specific to the grade level and interests of their students.   

Here are some of the examples of how the money would be spent:

• Classroom library book sets

• Special Author visits


6-12 Art


30 students @$329 per ipad, $95 per pencil, $17 per case

We would like to add a digital drawing and design into our existing art courses and need the tools to support this course.  “Digital art skills are the future of art, and I would love for our students to leave here with basic knowledge on how to use digital tools to create art not only for enjoyment, but to sell.” ~Ms. Ostrowski

Examples of how the money would be spent:

 Digital drawing pads • Digital drawing pencils • Protective cases for drawing pads


6-12 Music


Musical instruments can be expensive and difficult for some families to afford.  Mr. Davidsen would like to have a few specific instruments on hand that students could try out or borrow if not able to purchase one on their own. 

He is requesting:  

2 Tubas
1 Vibraphone
1 Oboe

9-12 Technology

($13,508 total)

Integrating cutting edge technology into the classroom is critical in preparing students for the 21st century.  Our budget supports a majority of our technology needs but these items will further our efforts to provide the latest tools for our students.

$8,000 = 4 printers @ $2,000 


Mr. Ostrowski has requested four, 3D Printers so that students in computer classes can use this cutting edge technology to solve a variety of real world problems.=

$3,183 = 3 Smart Monitors and tables $1,061 each

HS English – “collaboration stations” – these technology stations include a large monitor and allow students to work in groups on writing projects. Ms. Rau has used one successfully in her English class and is looking for 3 more to allow for multiple groups to use them at one time.

$2,325 = 15 tablets @ $155 each 

HS Spanish – Ms. Maroe’s students use tablets almost every day to review and practice grammatical concepts.  In addition to being a fun way to learn Spanish, the tablets provide great feedback and mini formative reports which allow Ms. Maroe to see which concepts are causing the most problems and need further review.  She needs 15 more to have a complete classroom set.

NOTE:  Your gift will be applied to the area of need you selected.  If the area selected has been fulfilled, the funds will go to the next area of need that is similar in nature or students served.


These contributions have substantial tax benefits:  https://www.northstarcharter.org/idaho-education-tax-credit/


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