Communication Plan

North Star Communication Plan

As partners in our students’ education, we recognize the critical importance of clear and effective communication.  We wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the various forms of communication that we use here at North Star and how you can help us ensure we have your accurate contact information.  

Please ensure that email addresses, phone numbers and addresses are updated in Power School. We use this information to communicate with you by sending pertinent emails, making phone calls and occasionally sending mail. We rely on parents/guardians to keep all Power School information up to date. 

In addition to email communication, our website includes important information such as  staff directory, events, forms etc. We also keep live calendars that highlight events, days off and athletics.  

School wide alerts or time-sensitive urgent communications (i.e. bussing issues, emergencies, snow days, etc.) will be communicated via text message for immediate dissemination. 

We use both Facebook and Instagram for information about school events, calendar items, to highlight North Star students, club, team and teacher achievements. 



In the event that you cannot locate information on our website, we have created a chart below that should guide you through any communication needs you may have.



For elementary campus, email
208-939-6090 X 1, then 1

For secondary campus, email
208-939-6090 X 1, then 2


PTO president:
Dr. Maria Siruek

Concerns regarding student behavior or academics

Start with your child’s teacher, then to administrator if not resolved:

Grades K-5:
Shay Davis- K-5 Principal

Laiena Leatherman- K-5 Vice Principal

Grades 6-8:
Will Bogdanoff- Middle School Vice Principal

Grades 9-12:
Andy Horning- Head of School, High School Principal

Career & College Information

Counseling and other social/emotional needs

School counselors:
Danica Holladay
Grades K-5:

Milton Pettit
Grades 6-12:

Power School- Registrars

Grades K-5
Jennifer Gibron

Grades 6-12
Ruth Ann Fahl

Business Office/Full Day Kinder Fees

School Board

Board Clerk
Sheri Craig

Human Resources


Joy Britton at Brown Bus Company