Enrollment Process

North Star is a tuition-free public charter school that accepts students through public lottery or availability.

Prospective students will be given the opportunity to enroll regardless of race, color, nationality or ethnic origin, religion, sex, social or economic status or special needs.

Once a student is enrolled at North Star, he/she need not reapply the next year.


When a lottery application is received for a grade level that is full, the applicant will be placed on the wait list in the category which they fall under. Our wait list consists of the following Tiers that are listed in order of their preference:

  • Tier A – Returning Students
  • Tier B – Founding Families and Children of Staff.
  • Tier C – Students of Siblings that are currently enrolled at North Star.
  • Tier D – Incoming freshman from a K-8 public charter school.
  • Tier E (Within Boundary) – Students living within the boundaries for North Star Charter School, which is North of Ustick Road, West of Glenwood Street and East of North Can Ada Road.
  • Tier F (Outside of Boundary) – Students living outside of these boundaries.

If seats become open during the school year, they will be filled from the wait list in the order of the tiers. Learn more about how the lottery is conducted.

Post Lottery Application Process

If you missed our Lottery on March 31st and would like to put your child on our wait list, please complete either a
Post Lottery Application – eform or Post Lottery Application – printable for each prospective student.  Applications for the 2016-2017 school year are currently being accepted.  Any applications received after the lottery deadline of March 18th will go onto a wait list if there are not any openings available in that grade.

The application may be mailed, faxed, dropped off at the school, or emailed to the below address:

North Star Charter School
839 N. Linder Rd.
Eagle, ID 83616