Meet Our Counseling Staff!

Maria Chelko

Maria Chelko

9-12 High School Counselor

  • 1st year at North Star; 22 years total as a school counselor
  • Enjoys hanging out with her husband and three dogs
  • Focus: Getting to know students and helping them reach their
  • high school and post-secondary goals
Aspen Holland

Aspen Holland

6th-8th grade School Counselor

  • 4th year at North Star
  • 1st year as a school counselor
  • Loves life with her husband and 3 kiddos

Aspen wants to get to know our amazing middle schoolers! She also wants them to know the ways she can support them as their counselor

Danica Holladay

Danica Holladay

K-5 School Counselor


  • Starting her 8th year at North Star
  • Married to Mr.Holladay
  • Goal of being in each classroom 20 times this year.