North Star Charter High School of Eagle, Idaho

One of Idaho’s Best and Brightest Schools

Academically, North Star has emerged into the highest echelon of scholastic achievement in the state. Our students consistently outperform local and national averages on standardized testing and go on to some of the best colleges in the country. However, developing a well-rounded student takes more than great academics. In order to prepare students to succeed in life, we must develop them as whole people, with the hard and soft skills needed to excel in our complex world.

Eagle Idaho College Prep High School

Excellence In High School Academics

North Star is consistently listed in Idaho’s Top Five top schools for average ACT scores and SAT scores. Scores on average are 27% higher in ELA and 44% higher in Math on ISAT tests compared to other Idaho schools (2016). North Star Charter School is consistently named as one of America’s most challenging High Schools by the Washington Post with a “Go On” rate 20-percentage points higher than the Idaho State average. A partial list of the schools North Star graduates have been accepted to include: BYU, Harvard University, United States Naval Academy, University of Idaho, Boise State University, New York University, University California Santa Barbara, and Vanderbilt University.
NSCS provides students a world-class education characterized by a safe, supportive and structured learning climate that encourages high academic achievement, intellectual confidence, leadership, and virtuous citizenship.

College Prep At North Star Charter High School

North Star Charter High School offers a rigorous college preparatory education within a small school experience. The advanced curriculum ensures core academic needs are met while students are challenged to meet their full potential in the midst of a close-knit and safe community. The 11th and 12th grades offer the prestigious college preparatory International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

  • Small school environment with a high teacher/student ratio
  • A rigorous, honors curriculum preparing 9th and 10th grade students for the IB program
  • Multiple ways of achieving college credit
  • Opportunity to participate in the prestigious, college preparatory IB program
  • Electives offered: choir, band, art, computer science, robotics, marketing, PE
  • Sports and Clubs Offered: cross country, volleyball, basketball, track, golf, snow team, student council, mountain bike club, Math Counts Club & National Honors Society, DECA
“North Star students and teachers go above and beyond in the quality of work and instruction taking place in the classroom. This has resulted in the steady rise of our ACT and SAT scores and students being accepted into some of
the best colleges in the country.”


Benefits Of Attending North Star Charter

  • Advanced curriculum/Accelerated learning environment
  • Business/Economics curriculum from K-12
  • Offers the prestigious, college preparatory International Baccalaureate (IB) program
  • Public Charter School
  • Certified, highly qualified and passionate teachers
  • Fully accredited K-12 school
  • Vibrant and engaged parent community
  • Emphasis on character development

North Star Charter School
Founded:  2003
School Campus:  839 N. Linder Road, Eagle, ID
Grades:  K-12

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