Elective Course Descriptions

Art (9-12): In High School Art students will continue to explore the elements and principles of design, and how they relate to the creation of a successful piece of art work using a variety of techniques. Using their own images students will learn how to compose, revise, and complete finished works of art. They will have the opportunity to think critically, analyze, and reflect upon historical and modern artwork. Students will also learn how to discuss and critique works of art, including their own and the work of their peers. Priority placement into this course is based on a portfolio submission process.


Pre-IB Choir (9-10) / IB Choir (11-12): Absenti is a selective, auditioned choir designed to supplement the International Baccalaureate Music (SLG) course and represent the North Star Music Department in the community and beyond. Students will gain mastery over basic respiratory and vocal anatomy and technique, theory and sight-singing (up to four parts), diction (International Phonetic Alphabet), and part-singing techniques. Students will perform advanced, a capella repertoire in a variety of historical periods, languages (Latin, Italian, Spanish, French, German, and English), and styles. Students will be expected to maintain academic eligibility.


Pre IB Band (9-10) / IB Band (11-12): This is our top performing group at North Star Charter. You must past an audition to participate in this group. Students will prepare and perform difficult pieces to music in a number of different styles including both classical and jazz. This group will perform a festival during the school year, and will be judged by national standards. Students are expected to practice their instrument at home, and participate in our 4 concerts throughout the year. Music from our concerts will be recorded and IB music students will receive a grade based on our performance.


Marketing-Comprehensive (9-12): This course focuses on the wide range of factors that influence the flow of goods and services from the producer to the consumer. Topics may include (but not limited to) market research, the purchasing process distribution systems, warehouse and inventory control, salesmanship, sales promotions, shoplifting and theft control, business management, and entrepreneurship. Human relations, computers, and economics are often covered as well.


Business Internship (12): This class allows students with paid jobs and unpaid internships to prepare for the world of work and earn high school elective credit. The program provides documentation that supports Career Based Skills and verification and accountability.


Technology & Programming (9-12): Students will construct LEGO robots and compete in First Tech Challenge. Students will investigate uses of robotics in science, math, engineering, and art. Students will design construct, program and deploy robots in an academic area of choice. Specific topics will include HTML, Cascading Styles Sheets, XML, XHTML, and server technologies. This course will also cover introductory web design concepts and culminate in a final project in which students design anddevelop websites for local community organizations.


Advanced Fitness: Students with an interest in improving their strength and cardio fitness will be introduced to various modalities including suspension systems, resistance bands, barbell weights, and cable systems. Students will receive instruction in safe use of all equipment, how to structure programs for specific needs, the value of integrating strength and aerobic training into his/her lifestyle. Students will be motivated and encouraged to develop an individual fitness plan that fits their lifestyle and ensures a lifetime of wellness.


IB Information Technology in a Global Society (Gr. 11/12): IB Information Technology in a Global Society courses prepare students to take the International Baccalaureate Information Technology exams and examine the interaction among information, technology, and society. This course emphasizes object-oriented computer programming methodology, concentrating on computational and analytical thinking, problem solving, and algorithm development. Data structures, abstraction, networking, and computer system fundamentals and organization will be investigated in-depth. Students are expected to acquire a mastery of the specified aspects of Java, demonstrating that mastery by designing and documenting a non-trivial product serves a specific purpose. 12th graders taking this class for the first time will not be able to test for IB.