Why North Star Charter School

Did you know that on average charter schools in Idaho receive 22% less funding per pupil than the municipal public district schools*?

North Star’s mission is to provide a world-class education characterized by a safe, supportive and structured learning climate that encourages high academic achievement, intellectual confidence, leadership and virtuous citizenship.  Every dollar we receive is put to work for our students.  However, due to the rising costs of education and the gap in funding we receive, we must raise the additional money needed from our community to provide the best education possible for our students.

I am excited to announce our next project:  The North Star Sports Complex and Playground Campaign!  This campaign supports our mission to educate the whole child by providing safe and appropriate outdoor play, athletic and exercise opportunities.  We believe that outdoor play, regular exercise and involvement in sports play a significant role in developing a well-rounded child.  Research shows that students who regularly exercise not only feel better physically but also show significant cognitive growth and improved academic performance**.



Developing this property with safe and appropriate playgrounds, sports and exercise opportunities will take the excellent education our students already receive to new heights.  There are many reasons to give (check out Idaho’s unique tax incentive!), but the most important one is our students.  Please join us in supporting this campaign, providing generations of students a world-class education.



Joanna O’Donnell

Director of Development


*2016 Bluum Report http://www.bluum.org/parents/#
**Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain.
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