Board Letter on Appeal Process


Dear North Star Parents:


On behalf of the North Star board of directors, I want to ensure that you are in the loop with regard to our continued efforts to ensure the long-term success of our school. Late yesterday, our legal counsel delivered a legal document to the Idaho State Board of Education that is intended to serve as a formal appeal to the actions of the Meridian School District’s board of trustees related to their ongoing attempt to revoke our charter. As a board, we have decided that filing a formal appeal directly to the Idaho State Board of Education is the quickest and most prudent path to bringing resolution to our situation.


Attached, please find a summary of the larger legal document that will be send today to the local media. It is lengthy, but we wanted to make sure you have as much information as possible related to the appeal. Later today, the full legal appeal that was delivered will be available on the North Star website if case you are interested in reading the document.


We are passionate about ensuring the future success of the school and will go to whatever lengths are necessary to keep the school open and thriving on a long-term basis. The motivation behind the Meridian School District’s decision to try and close the school needs to be questioned by our community and ultimately the Idaho State Board of Education. Closing North Star is unacceptable based on the school’s demonstrated academic success and current enrollment. Not to mention that we have demonstrated fiscal soundness.


Again, thanks for your patience as we continue down the road to ultimately securing our school’s future. The first day of school is August 22nd and I hope that you plan to bring your children to North Star that day. Our success is based on not only our legal appeal to the Idaho State Board of Education, but most importantly – your commitment to ensuring we have a school full of children this fall.


As always, please let me know if you have questions.


Thank you, again!


Jim Miller