Board of Directors Announcement


ALL 6 – 12 STUDENTS (AND STAFF) – we are in need of pictures for the yearbook.  Please take and submit pictures of your school activities, club activities, school sports, or any other school related picture to the yearbook.  You can either email the images to, or add the Replayit app (with permission) to your smart phone and upload directly from your smart phone.  You can also upload images to from your computer.   Remember – Please do not take any pictures during class time without the express permission of your teacher and the people you are taking pictures of. without the express permission of your teacher and the people you are taking pictures of.


Order Yearbooks Now Before The Price Increase on February 1stYearbookJust one week left to save some coin.

Update from Board Chair

Dear North Star Parents:


Late Thursday afternoon we received a response from the Idaho State Board of Education with regard to our appeal directly to them for a public hearing on our charter (i.e. superseding the Meridian School District). The Idaho State Board of Education feels there is no need for a hearing at this time because there has been no revocation of our charter. This was great news!


So, what’s next? The Idaho State Board of Education validated that we are still owed the opportunity to properly respond to the Meridian School District’s board of trustees with regard to their “intent to revoke” our charter, along with a hearing to publicly make the case that North Star is fiscally sound.


Our board and legal counsel will be carefully looking at all options available to us and will make a decision as to how to proceed in the next few days. The number one goal is to bring resolution to this situation in the most prudent manner available to us. We want you, as parents, to feel secure when you make the decision to bring your kids to school on August 22nd.


Thanks again for your continued support and patience while we fight to keep our school open—not just for this school year, but for years to come.