Advanced Opportunities

 The State of Idaho provides $4,125 for each 6th – 12th grade student to use toward:
    • Dual credit courses: college credits earned in the high school class. Advanced Opportunities can pay up to $75/credit. These can be taken in the high school classroom, online, on the college campus.
    • Exams such as IB exams, College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and Career & Technical Education (CTE)
    • Overload courses: a high school course in excess of the student’s regular school day. These may be taken online, during the summer, or before/after school. Advanced Opportunities can pay up to $225 for the course. Overload courses must be beyond the full course load of 12 credits offered at North Star.
  • Workforce Training: Advanced Opportunities can pay up to $500 per course or $1000 per year for regionally approved workforce training courses at a public Idaho college. 

Feel free to reach out to Mrs. Gatfield, Mr. Pettit, or Mrs. Holladay with any questions regarding Advanced Opportunities funding, courses covered, or the cost of credits or exams.


Regular School Year (and Summer Session) Dual Credits:

There are 4 steps to using Advanced Opportunities funding:

  1. FAST FORWARD FORMS. Each student must complete and turn in their Fast Forward Participation Form to Mrs. Gatfield or Mr. Pettit. You can also scan and email a copy to  Students only need to submit this form one time between 6th and 12th grade at North Star. Please read this form carefully.
  1. DUAL ENROLL. All dual credit registration takes place online through CWI’s online registration platform called Dual Enroll.  To register for dual credit courses, students must first create an account with Dual Enroll. Once the account has been created, students will continue to use this account throughout high school, and will not have to go through the initial sign-up process with Dual Enroll again.  
  2. CWI COURSE REGISTRATION. Once the Dual Enroll account is created, students may begin the course registration process. Registration takes place twice during the school year.  For courses that are fall semester only, registration occurs before October 1st.  For courses that are yearlong or spring semester only, registration occurs before March 4th.  Classroom teachers will guide students through the registration process, but ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure registration is complete.  To register, students will login to their Dual Enroll account.  They must register for each individual Dual Credit class they are taking.  
  3. PAYMENT THROUGH ADVANCED OPPORTUNITIES. Advanced Opportunities requires a funding request through the State Department of Education website. Students/families must first create an account with Advanced Opportunities. You may do so by clicking here: Student Login for Advanced Opportunities.  Once the account is approved, students will login and request funding for each class they are taking that semester that qualifies to receive state funding.  Students will repeat this process each time they request Advanced Opportunities funding in a given term.
  1. NOTE: If Advanced Opportunities grants funding for a course and the student fails the course, the student must pay for the course out-of-pocket. Furthermore, the student must earn credit or complete one (1) like course before the State Department of Education will pay any further reimbursements for the student. Contact the College and Career Advisor at North Star to see about next steps.