2023-2024 NORTH STAR

Annual Fund


Celebrating North Star’s 20th anniversary

GOAL: $120,000

We have identified the following areas of need that our current budget does not cover. 

Please help us fulfill these goals to provide enhanced and rich learning experiences for our students.

Specials and Electives

(Goal: $10,000)

These programs encompass art, technology, PE, and music, enriching our students’ lives and fostering creativity. Your contribution will empower us to sustain and expand these programs, nurturing the talents and interests of our students.

    Student Experiences

    (Goal: $25,000)

    Field trips offer our students hands-on learning opportunities, broadening their horizons. By supporting this designation, you ensure that our students continue to embark on educational adventures that inspire their intellectual curiosity while creating lifelong memories.


    Business/Economics Entrepreneurship Activities

    (Goal: $15,000)

    North Star’s Business/Economic focus is one of the unique educational opportunities we provide our students K-12.  This fund will help us to embolster the curriculum and experiences related to business/economics.  Items include speaker series, mini economy, pitch competitions, and leadership training/excursions. 

    School Culture

    (Goal: $20,000)

    A positive school culture is foundational to our students’ well-being. Initiatives such as dances, teacher appreciation, and community-building activities create a supportive environment where students can thrive. Your support strengthens the bonds within our North Star community.

    Teacher/Classroom/Program Needs

    (Goal: $30,000)

    Our teachers are the unsung heroes of our education system. Giving to this fund will ensure that our teachers feel valued, supported, and equipped to provide the best possible education to our students.

    Greatest Need

    (Goal: $20,000)

    This fund allows us to address unforeseen challenges and evolving needs promptly. Your gift will be applied to the area you selected.


     These contributions have substantial tax benefits:  https://www.northstarcharter.org/idaho-education-tax-credit/

    For more information about giving, contact Joanna O’Donnell at jodonnell@northstarcharter.org