Election Results:

The Board Election has concluded and we would like to announce that Jenna Balch and Dave Dumas will remain on the Board.  We would like to extend our gratitude to Maria Sirucek, Bryan Wheeler, Molly Strauss, Michael Smith, and Katie Rosanbalm for their willingness to serve.

North Star Board of Directors:

Our board is comprised of 7 seats consisting of community members and parents.

All communications to the Board Directors should be sent to the Board Clerk, Sheri Craig, at scraig@northstarcharter.org

Community Members

Seat 7: Paul Broadbent – Treasurer

Seat 6: Dave Dumas – Secretary

Seat 3: Keli Elledge

Seat 5: Jake Silver

Parent Members

Seat 4: Jenna Balch – Madam Chair

Seat 2: Blythe Forman – Vice Chair

Seat 1: Marcus Young

North Star Charter School Board Duties

Mailing Address

Mailing Address:
Members of the Board
North Star Charter School
839 N. Linder Rd., Eagle, Idaho 83616

Board Clerk:  Sheri Craig, scraig@northstarcharter.org