DRESS Coding


Good Afternoon,
As the weather warms up, we have had a few students showing up in summer clothes.  Shorts can not be shorter than mid thigh,
the mid point between the knee and inseam.  Tank tops cannot be cut out low in the armpits, back, or front and no spaghetti straps. Three finger width is what we look for.

The message we send to students is that school is their place of work, and we would like them to dress accordingly.  Most adults are not allowed to wear short shorts and  tanks that show a lot (for men and women) to work.
If your student makes it out of the house and is “dress coded” by their teacher, they will be asked to change.  If they don’t have anything to change into, they will be sent to the office to call home for clothes.
Thanks for your help,


Melissa Andersen

Secondary Administrator
North Star Charter School