ISAT Testing

Mar 7, 2016 | Archives

To: Parents at North Star Charter School

From: Mrs. Drain

Re: Upcoming ISAT Testing

After Spring Break, we begin administering the ISAT tests in the areas of ELA (English Language Arts), Math in grades 3rd-10th and Science in grades 5th and 7th.  In classes, teachers will review the testing calendar and practice for the upcoming ISAT assessments.

Each grade level will have a different testing schedule. These testing schedules will be communicated by homeroom teachers in grades 3rd-6th and posted on North Star’s web page for grades 3rd-10th, after March 7th (please see below).

Please remember that testing does not mean the end of teaching and learning. It is still important for students to maintain momentum and take full advantage of classroom time.

Before your student’s grade-level testing days, teachers will discuss the benefits of students taking the test seriously and showing their best work to demonstrate their knowledge and ability to apply the Idaho Core Standards.

We hope to work together to make this a successful testing experience for everyone.


Sheri Drain

Academic Administrator

North Star Charter School

Test Schedule Grades 3-6
Test Schedule Grades 7-10