Ski Club

The snow team is involved in 3 kinds of activities during the school year:

  1. Weekly meetings at lunch, during the snow season, to get us excited about the snow!
  2. Six Saturday races at Bogus Basin.
  3. Social activities which may include a Ski Night at Bogus Basin or a ski trip.

Our team is a “club sport” at NSCS, which means that we do not have practices after school or on weekends and receive no school money.  That being said, this team is not a place to learn how to snow board or ski.  You need to have some experience or learn very quickly, but you can improve greatly on the slopes.  It is open to beginner (Novice), intermediate, or expert skiers or snowboarders; beginner, intermediate, or expert Nordic skiers; and intermediate or expert Freestyle skiers or snowboarders.  No matter what your ability level, everyone can have fun!
The races at Bogus Basin are fun races!  We set race courses for every level of ability from beginner to expert, and each racer can earn points for our school for each Saturday race they attend.  We race against all the high schools and middle schools in the valley.  If a team member races at least 3 of the 6 Saturday races during the season, he or she is eligible to attend and race in the Annual Dotty Clark race in February.

  • Membership dues: this helps pay for the setup and school membership of the Saturday races at Bogus; the bus ride to the Dotty Clark race; and discount lift tickets on Saturday race days (if you don’t have a season pass).  There may be extra cost if there is an opportunity of customizing your swag (jacket, beanie, scarf, etc. whatever we decide to get that year).
  • Your own equipment – Diamond Sports offer’s a $4.00 discount on day ski package rentals. Nordic racers get free rental equipment for the race only.  Regular rental prices are applicable if you want to continue Nordic skiing for the remainder of the day.
  • Your own transportation to Bogus Basin. Bogus Basin does have a bus that runs up the mountain, but that is your responsibility to pay for and find out where it picks up and drops off.  Middle School will have a bus available for the Dotty Clark races only.
  • Your own lift pass – team members will be eligible for a $26.00 day pass on race day AS LONG AS THEY RACE! Nordic is $8.00 for the day – after the races.
  • Turn in the Liability Waiver form signed by your parent/guardian and yourself, the Snow Team Member Information Form, Concussion protocol form, and $40.00 membership dues to Mrs. Woodward before you are official registered.  Once you have completed all of the paper forms, you can register online at
  • Check the google classroom for meeting dates and other information!

Bogus Basin Racer Discounts
Race Day Passes:
Bogus Basin has agreed to once again provide a special Day Pass for the School Snow Club members who do not have a season pass. Cost will be $26.00 (tax included) this year that is good for all races. Nordic only is $8.00 plus tax for a day trail pass.

  1. Students must be a member of their School Snow Club.
  2. Passes are only good for race day and members must race that day.
  3. Students must have their school picture ID to purchase a discount lift ticket.
  4. Lift Tickets will not be sold after 1:00 PM
  5. If a student purchases a discounted race day pass and does not participate in the Saturday race, THEY WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO PURCHASE ANOTHER DISCOUNTED PASS FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON


  • Slalom rentals will receive a $4.00 discount on full rental package only with a picture school ID card.
  • Nordic rental of equipment is still free for races only. If the students want to keep the equipment for the day, they will be required to pay regular rental prices.

Race Information:

  • Racers compete once down their chosen course, are timed, and then are done. Their times are then compiled and ranked against other racers.
  • If a racer misses a “gate” then they are disqualified (DQ) but it still counts towards their 3 required to qualify races and gives the team 1 point.
  • It is always good to ensure that the recording advisor has your name and time. Just stop and ask them at the bottom.

Race Times, Locations, and Race Results:
All race times, race locations, and race results each week can be found on the Bogus Basin School Race Program’s website:


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