North Star Parents,


The chair of our board has approved the plan for the days that all NS students in grades K-12 will need to make -up according to NS policy and state requirements for instructional hours.


Of the five days missed, we will be required to make-up three. They will be:


Wednesday, February 22nd
Thursday, Feb. 23rd
Friday, Feb. 24th


This falls at the end of the current Winter Break. Students will still have Monday and Tuesday off. However, if there are any more snow days, they will have to be made up and will come off of this break as well. We are really hoping this is not the case!


We understand that no matter what dates were chosen for our required make-up days, there would be staff and families who had already made plans. For those of you with travel plans that week, we will work with your student to ensure they have the work they need to be successful. We will not penalize students for this crazy weather. We are just hopeful many of you will still be in town and our classrooms will be filled with children learning!


Thank you for your understanding.


North Star Administration

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