North Star Charter Summer School

High School Summer School Registration instructions


If student’s fail a class they will need to register for summer school. If students transferred into North Star missing classes they should sign up for summer school to make up those credits.


Step 1- go to and enter the pass code: 6MFZ2

Step 2- Pick the class you need to make up.

Step 3- After you complete this process the request come to me, and I have to approve it.

Step 4- Once I approve your request, an auto service sends you a form to pay for the classes.

Step 5-Please be checking your spam and junk email for this communication. Unfortunately, this communication from IDLA can get lost sometimes.


Things you will need to make this process easier:

1. Personal e-mail and phone contact information

2. Parent e-mail and phone contact information

Students already taking an IDLA course will need to know their EDUID number. If you do not have this information you can contact me and I can give it to you.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me in the counseling office for assistance.


Mr. Pettit – Counselor


Summer school dates: Last day to register for summer school is 6/3/22.
Summer courses go from June 6th to July 15th.

Students will not have final grades yet. If students are in danger of failing semester 2 they should sign up and then drop the class later if they pass and don’t need it.



Summer School Info

2021-2022 Tutor List


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Our main admission entry points are kindergarten, sixth,  and ninth grades. Applications for other grade-levels are fully considered, but admission is solely based on space availability due to student attrition.


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