Summer School 2024


There are TWO primary, fee-based options for Summer School Classes:

Option 1:  Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA)

Option 1 Format                        Duration

Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA)



Dual Credit Classes: June 3-Aug 23(12 weeks)

Cohort Classes: June 10-Aug 16 (9 weeks)

Recovery Classes: June 17-Aug 16 (9 weeks)







IDLA Summer School Important Dates

Registration Begins April 1
Registration Ends

May 31 for dual credit classes,

June 7 for cohort classes

June 14 for recovery classes.

Drop/Refund Deadline

June 14 for dual credit classes

June 21 for cohort classes

June 28 for recovery classes

Date Range to Request Advanced Opportunities (AO) Funding

April 8-June 21

Use this information for your funding requests:

School Year: 24-25

Grade level: your next grade level

Term: Summer

IDLA Summer School Information:

  • Students may take IDLA summer school for the following reasons: enrichment, recovery, Driver’s Ed.
  • REGISTRATION PROCESS: students need to fill out this google form: Once this google form is filled out and processed, a FASTPASS code will be emailed to each student via their school email address with instructions on how to complete the registration process. This will be done on/after April 1.
  • DUAL CREDIT CLASSES: students taking a dual credit summer class will also need to register with the college providing the dual credit:
  • DRIVER’S ED: there are two sessions of Driver’s Ed that begins on June 3 or July 15 (6 weeks). Please note that the DMV requires a Verification of Compliance (VOC) form. Please request this form from the front office ASAP if students intend to take Driver’s Ed this summer.
  • RECOVERY CLASSES: Counselor-recommended summer classes (specifically for recovery and/or graduation requirement) will be communicated by email to students and parents. Students taking a recovery course through IDLA cannot use AO funds and will need to pay for the class out-of-pocket (through a credit card link) before starting the class.
  • SUMMER SUPPORT: If you need any help with IDLA summer classes for any reason, please contact our IDLA regional representative, Mindy Wilkins, 208-615-2353. The North Star Charter School IDLA Site Coordinator, Maria Chelko (counselor), will be unavailable during the summer months.


Option 2: College of Western Idaho (CWI)

Option 2 Format Duration
College of Western Idaho (CWI)

·        Online

·         In-person

June 3 – July 27, 2024

NOTE: this is direct enrollment with CWI and is completely optional. Any classes taken at CWI is considered dual credit (grades earned will be reflected on a college and high school transcript) and will need to be paid for by the student/family or the student’s Advanced Opportunities funds.

CWI Summer School Important Dates

Registration Begins March 4
Registration Ends May 31
Last Day to Drop Classes Without a W (withdraw) June 7
Last Day to Withdraw (W grade issued. This will affect your AO funds eligibility) July 12
Date Range to Request Advanced Opportunities (AO) Funding

Apr 8-June 21

Use this information for your funding requests:

School Year: 24-25

Grade level: your next grade level

Term: Summer

CWI Summer School Information:

  • Request funds through your Advanced Opportunities (AO) account:( for every dual credit class you take. *any class for which you take AO funds will go on your NSCS transcript.




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