Summer School Information

If students have failed any classes in the past or are failing now you should sign up for summer school. Also, if you missed a required class like Economics or Government and are unsure if you have been signed up you should contact Mr. Pettit or sign up directly. 


 1. Check grades

2. Go to

3. Type in the pass code for either early summer or late summer (course offerings are different)Early summer pass code:Q2NM4 (June 7-Aug 20)Late summer pass code: CMND8  (June 21-Sept. 3)

4. Follow the directions to register. 

Common Issues:  

Please enter the student’s name not the parent’s name when it asks for the student name.

After Mr. Pettit approves the course you will get a confirmation email. Often this is sent to junk email-so please be checking that. 

We cannot guarantee seat availability, so it is up to families to determine when they should sign up. We have 6 weeks left and many students are on the bubble. If students are working hard and trending up they should pass. A conversation with the teachers could provide clarity. 

The last day to sign up is June 1st. North Star grades will not be finalized by then. If students do sign up for summer school and end up passing the course, I will go back and drop them out of the summer school class and there will be no fees. 

If you need a summer school course that is not listed please contact Mr. Pettit so we can make an alternate plan. If you have questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Pettit in the counseling office. 

North Star does not offer summer school math options. Students who do not pass math will have to repeat the class next year, or move forward knowing they are going to have to work extra hard and may need a tutor to help with material.