North Star Charter School – Overview

North Star Charter School was established in 2003 as a K-8 charter school to provide parents with an alternative choice in public education. We were authorized by the Meridian School District until October 2014 when we were approved to move our charter to the state. North Star Charter School determines our own curriculum, school schedule and policies based on statutes from the Idaho State Department of Education.

The school’s charter articulates the vision of the school’s founders to think critically and to become virtuous citizen leaders in our local and world community. The school’s basic philosophical and academic design was centered on research-based curricular models with proven records of success.

In 2007, the charter was amended to add North Star Charter’s 9th – 12th grade high school, with an emphasis on business and economics. In 2009 we earned our International Baccalaureate designation and became an IB World School.

At A Glance

North Star utilizes model that incorporates high expectations for achievement in the elementary grades K – 5. It emphasizes the use of technology and includes an economics thread that is interwoven at all grade levels.

In line with our charter, our Secondary School (grades 6 – 12) offers an emphasis on courses in business and economics.

North Star earned its International Baccalaureate (IB) designation in 2009 and offers the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in the 11th and 12th grades. Grades 6 – 10 focus on an IB preparatory curriculum.

We have interactive INTERWRITE Boards in every classroom. We encourage students to use their personal handheld electronic devices for teacher directed classroom assignments. Use of iPads is incorporated into many classes, and we actively seek grants to bring more iPads and tablets in to the school for instructional purposes.

Mission Statement

North Star Charter School provides students a world-class education characterized by a safe, supportive and structured learning climate that encourages high academic achievement, intellectual confidence, leadership and virtuous citizenship.

This mission represents our belief that all of our students will receive an education that prepares them to handle the issues of the 21st century world by equipping them to think critically and creatively and gain confidence in their skills and knowledge, resulting in citizen leaders with virtue. They will achieve this through the “North Star Way”:

  • Students: We believe all of our students deserve and can benefit from the educational programs we offer. We are a public, K-12, tuition free charter school.
  • World-Class: We are an International Baccalaureate (IB) school. We engage students in exploration and discovery of their 21st century world through the IB Diploma program, learning a second language, surveying music or art, and investigating global entrepreneurship.
  • Safe, Supportive and Structured: We help our students become virtuous citizens. Our elementary program prepares students both morally and in conduct, for the leadership, service and hard work of our secondary and IB diploma programs. We provide a safe learning environment allowing students to focus on a challenging curriculum and accelerated learning
  • High Academic Achievement: We believe that all students can meet high expectations and over¬come obstacles that seem insurmountable. We equip students to think critically and creatively and gain confidence in their skills and knowledge. All students in all grades strive to be “college-ready”.
  • Community: We are students, teachers, staff, parents, and trustees of the North Star Charter School community. We focus on a shared vision of educational excellence and character development. We strive to understand our unique roles in that common vision. We all have a responsibility to educate NSCS students.

For more information please review our Charter.