Overview of North Star Charter School

North Star Charter School was established in 2003 as a K-8 charter school to provide parents with an alternative choice in public education.  We are authorized by the Meridian School District but operate independent of the Meridian School District. North Star Charter School determines our own curriculum, school schedule and policies based on statutes from the Idaho State Department of Education (with the exception of our Special Education program, which follows Meridian School District policy).  However, we receive no funds from the local school district.

The school’s charter articulates the vision of the school’s founders to think critically and to become virtuous citizen leaders in our local and world community.  The school’s basic philosophical and academic design was centered on research-based curricular models with proven records of success.

In 2007, the charter was amended to add North Star Charter’s 9th – 12th grade high school, with an emphasis on business and economics.  In 2009 we earned our International Baccalaureate designation and became an IB World School.

At A Glance

North Star’s educational philosophy incorporates high expectations for achievement for both academics and behaviors in the elementary grades K – 5. It emphasizes the use of technology and includes an economics thread that is interwoven at all grade levels.
In line with our charter, our Secondary School (grades 6 – 12) offers an emphasis on courses in business and economics.

North Star earned its International Baccalaureate (IB) designation in 2009 and offers the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in the 11th and 12th grades.  Grades 6 – 10 focus on an IB preparatory curriculum.

We have interactive SMART Boards in every classroom. We encourage students to use their personal handheld electronic devices for teacher directed classroom assignments.  Use of iPads is incorporated into many elementary classes, and we actively seek grants to bring more iPads and tablets in to the school for instructional purposes.

Mission Statement

North Star Charter School provides students a world-class education characterized by a safe, supportive and structured learning climate that encourages high academic achievement, intellectual confidence, leadership and virtuous citizenship.

Part of our mission is to help students develop the following academic and personal habits:

  • Curiosity
  • Lifelong learning
  • Clear oral and written communication
  • Creative thinking
  • Logical thinking and the ability to make informed judgements
  • Effective use of technology as a tool
  • Adaptability to new situations and new information
  • Problem-solving skills
  • The ability to make easy and flexible connections among various disciplines of thought
  • Respecting others’ individuality and creativity, as well as one’s own, while seeking to work within teams to create common solutions
  • Living our school values

In addition, we hope to help our students develop the following personal habits and actions:

  • Accepting responsibility for personal decisions and actions
  • Academic honesty and the ability to face challenges with courage and integrity
  • A healthy lifestyle
  • Empathy and courtesy for others and respect for differences among people and cultures
  • Self-confidence and a willingness to risk setbacks in order to learn
  • Concentration and perseverance
  • Managing time in a responsible manner
  • Seeking a fair share of the workload
  • Working cooperatively with others, which includes the ability to listen, share opinions, negotiate, compromise, and help reach a group consensus

Vision Statement

Building an environment of respect, compassion and critical thinking that inspires civic leadership.


  • Acting with integrity in all we do
  • Providing leadership as a school and as individual
  • Regarding candor and transparency as essential in our communicating
  • Collaborating as a team
  • Focusing on an accelerated K-12 academic program of excellence
  • Taking courage to stand up for what we believe
  • Engaging in civic leadership
  • Striving to continuously improve as a school
  • Communicating openly and with respect

Our original School Charter and High School Amendment Charter:

May 27, 2003 Charter
March 13, 2007 Amendment


North Star Charter School (NSCS) is a K-12 public charter school located in Eagle, Idaho. Founded in 2003, NSCS provides students a world-class education characterized by a safe, supportive and structured learning climate that encourages high academic achievement, intellectual confidence, leadership and virtuous citizenship. The school’s charter articulates the vision of its founders to think critically and to become virtuous citizen leaders in our local and world community.

We Look Forward to Getting to Know Your Family!

Our main admission entry points are kindergarten, sixth,  and ninth grades. Applications for other grade-levels are fully considered, but admission is solely based on space availability due to student attrition.


NSCS is committed to improving student achievement through high expectations for student engagement and meaningful preparation for postsecondary education and careers. Explore our Elementary, Middle and High School divisions.


North Star athletics is committed to developing our student-athletes in an educational-based environment. Through a positive coaching atmosphere, student-athletes will be encouraged to expand their athletic abilities. 


Our students receive an exceptional learning experience enabling them to reach their full potential and discover their place in a world of possibilities.

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