Choosing a College

Choosing a College or making a list of colleges that interest you.
The first step is to understand your profile and find matches to the profile. It is always important to dream and reach high. We encourage that but many high selective schools are just that, highly selective. Even if you meet/match their profile, acceptance is not a given. They get to pick from a large number of applicants that also match.
What is your profile?

  • Academic (Courses taken, GPA, SAT/ACT scores)
  • Co-curricular life (clubs, sports, organizations, community service, jobs)
  • What is important to me? Create a list of characteristics you need or want in a college or university.

Things to consider:

  • Location – distance from home, is it rural, suburban or urban?
  • Type – Public or Private, is it affiliated with a religious community or other type of affiliation?
  • Enrollment/Size – large, medium or small, are there graduate programs on campus?
  • Academics – majors, minors, read through the catalog to see variety and depth. Is the rigorof the school a match for your ability? Will you be able to explore other parts of your life.
  • Campus Life – Housing, Greek system, is it a school where most people go home on weekends? Community experiences, volunteer organizations.
  • Life after college – job placement, graduate school acceptance.
  • Cost – scholarships, loans, average student debt.
  • Visit – see for yourself what it feels like.

Complete multiple college sorts:

  • Keep track of schools that reappear on those sorts. Explore multiple areas of study. Choose what’s right for you, not your friends.


North Star Charter School (NSCS) is a K-12 public charter school located in Eagle, Idaho. Founded in 2003, NSCS provides students a world-class education characterized by a safe, supportive and structured learning climate that encourages high academic achievement, intellectual confidence, leadership and virtuous citizenship. The school’s charter articulates the vision of its founders to think critically and to become virtuous citizen leaders in our local and world community.

We Look Forward to Getting to Know Your Family!

Our main admission entry points are kindergarten, sixth,  and ninth grades. Applications for other grade-levels are fully considered, but admission is solely based on space availability due to student attrition.


NSCS is committed to improving student achievement through high expectations for student engagement and meaningful preparation for postsecondary education and careers. Explore our Elementary, Middle and High School divisions.


North Star athletics is committed to developing our student-athletes in an educational-based environment. Through a positive coaching atmosphere, student-athletes will be encouraged to expand their athletic abilities. 


Our students receive an exceptional learning experience enabling them to reach their full potential and discover their place in a world of possibilities.

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