Student Council

The North Star Student Council is an elected group that helps share student’s ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and administration. They often also help raise funds for school-wide activities, including social events, community projects and student government.  School elections are held each year in the fall.

High School Student Council    2014-15

Advisor:  Kyle Downs

All Student Body

Student Body President:  Max Ledesma

Student Body Vice President:  Josef Szentes

Sargeant at Arms:  Sam Potter

Treasurer:  Christopher Coutts

12th Grade Class Representatives

Colton Winegar

Joyce Fehlau

11th Grade Class Representatives

Julianna Lambright

Jamison Seaney

10th Grade Class Representatives

Ian Maroe

Dylon Gilbert

9th Grade Class Representatives

Aubree Seaney

Elise Rosenburger


Middle School Student Council   2014-15

Advisor:  Misty Ostrowski

8th Grade Student Council

President:  pending Election outcomes

Vice President:



7th Grade Student Council


Vice President: