Parent Overview

North Star supports student achievement and success through a strong partnership between our families and the School.

Your job, as parent, is essential in your child’s learning success.  North Star believes that a child’s academic success is infinitely strengthened by a solid academic and community foundation.  Parents work together with the teachers and administrators to create a positive learning environment both academically and socially.

Ways that you can help:

  • Encourage your child to be an achiever, to do their best, and not be embarrassed by success.
  • Recognize that this is a vigorous curriculum and your child needs you to be their biggest cheerleader and source of support!
  • Help your child to stay organized with their school assignments so they can be successful.  That includes homework, lunches, school supplies, backpack, etc.
  • Go to Parent Teacher Conferences. They allow parents to discuss the progress of their child.
  • Monitor the progress of your child through PowerSchool. Comments and or concerns may be communicated between teacher and parent through E-mail. If required, a more in-depth conversation on student achievement may take place through phone conferences or parent/teacher meetings.
  • Sign yourself up for Edmodo for each individual teacher.  They will be updated as needed. They provide parents with information on assignments, documents and time frames. Please share these with your children.
  • Advocate for your child.
  • Participate and volunteer at the great events parents and teachers are planning throughout the year, see Volunteer Opportunities.

Please note: We regard the safety of our NS students with the utmost importance. To ensure that, parents interested in working in the classroom must complete a one time background check.  Volunteer packets can be obtained in the front office. Please be aware that costs are $10 for prints and $40 for a state run background check. Once approved you may volunteer at NS  for as long as your children attend NS.